The Luxury And Elegance Of Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry goes by many names. It is sometimes referred to as estate jewelry or antique jewelry. The only real requirement that a piece of jewelry has to have to be considered vintage, is that is most be from a different time period then the one that is being lived at the moment. Certain time periods and eras jewelry are more desirable to collectors than others. The time period, quality, and design of a piece of jewelry tend to be the deciding factors when it comes to pricing these antiques.The most popular time periods for collectors of estate jewelry include Georgian, Early Victorian, Mid-Victorian, Late Victorian, the Arts and Crafts era, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco and Retro. Retro is a commonly used term and in the case of antique jewelry it is referring to any pieces that were made after World War II. Georgian jewelry (1714-1837) was handmade and is difficult to find. Leaves and birds were popular jewelry subjects of the time as were precious stones. Early Victorian jewelry (1837-1855) was also known as romantice jewelry and featured designs inspired by nature etched delicately into gold. Lockets and brooches were very popular.The Mid-Victorian jewelry (1856-1880) was also called grand jewelry and were generally made with heavy and dark stones such a jet, onyx, amethyst, and garnet. This jewelry was considered to be “mournful”. Late Victorian jewelry (1885-1900) featured a lot of star and crescent designs using diamonds and brighter gemstones. The Arts and Crafts jewelry (1894-1923) saw a return to handmade jewelry often with simplistic patterns with uncut but colorful stones.Art Nouveau jewelry (1895-1915) was primarily created by a French jewelry designer named Rene Jules Lalique and featured nature-inspired subjects such as butterflies and flowers. Edwardian Jewelery (1901-1915) is so named because this is the time period when Queen Victoria died and Prince Edward became King Edward. These pieces are known for their expensive gemstones and elaborate structure.Art Deco jewelry (1915-1935) is known best for its linear aesthic, geometric shapes and bright colors. Necklaces were worn very long and bracelets were worn in bangles on the wrist. Most of the jewelry designs from this period were influenced by African, Egyptian and Japanese themes. Retro Jewelry (1945-1960) was designed with a focus on Hollywood glamour and included very bright, strong and elaborate pieces. The large cocktail rings and charm bracelets that come from this era are still very popular.Vintage jewelry is so much more then just another accessory. It is a piece of history. Most collectors fell that they have gathered more than just objects. Many times these collectors get to hear the stories behind the specific pieces and learn about the lives that were lived while each item was being worn. Vintage jewelry offers beauty, style and a connection to the past for the wearer.To see and learn more about different styles of vintage jewelry visit this excellent website and dedicated resource.

Hypoallergenic Jewelry- Jewelry You Wont Have To Bear With!

Hypoallergenic jewelry is jewelry especially made for those who are allergic to presence of nickel in jewelry. Therefore, special care requires to be taken at the time of making this jewelry so that the one who wears it does not have to worry about its side effects. Many a times, normal jewelry worn might give out side effects like swelling, soreness, dermatitis, itching, etc.Hypoallergenic jewelry has been made keeping in mind special care required for all those hypoallergenic to normal jewelry. This jewelry is as chic as any other, only difference being you will not require worrying about skin irritation each time you wear it.Hypoallergenic jewelry might be a little expensive than the normal ones because of the chemical elimination required while creating this jewelry. Therefore, hypoallergenic jewelry is extremely safe for wear.Manufacturers eliminate use of harmful alloys at the time of making jewelry, there are alternatives used at the time of making the jewelry. Clasps for earrings and other rings that require to be pierced also can cause you skin irritation.You require to be careful when getting piercing job done on your body too might trigger hypoallergenic reaction, therefore, before getting yourself pierced it is necessary to know whether the needle being used is safe and hypoallergenic.Two metals least likely to give you any hypoallergenic reactions are the gold and stainless steel, therefore, it is no surprise than stainless steel jewelry too is in vogue especially amongst the wearers of funky jewelry. Many manufacturers are taking care of the market that they lose out by making hypoallergenic jewelry that is equally stylish and fashionable. Making normal jewelry only would make them lost out on the hypoallergenic jewelry market.Hypoallergenic jewelry is as chic and fashionable as normal jewelry therefore, you do not lose out on fashion at all. Instead you will find exotic range of jewelry of all types. There are many jewelry sites that offer credit facilities, so that you can make your buy now and pay later.There are several sites online, known for their quality and fashion, and also relatively low prices as compared to the retail markets only because they save money by doing their business online. You can also use some seasonal discounts and fabulous offers made by these sites, so that you get good jewelry at great deals.Jewelry is great for giving as a gift for someone you love or hold in respect. It is also a great gift for any special women in your life, there is nothing like jewelry that will help you win over affection and trust of someone.All you require before buying gifts is knowing a bit more about someone, knowing whether the person is hypoallergenic or not will help you buy specific jewelry. There is a huge range of earrings available in hypoallergenic jewelry. Price range varies depending on the material that has been used for this jewelry. Again you can choose something that suits your pocket. Some sites also offer you free shipping.

Different Types Of “Cool” Jewelry Boxes

There isn’t just one type of jewelry box. Jewelry boxes come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. Some are plain while others have multiple drawers, inlays, and ornate designs. However, if you’re looking for a cool jewelry box that also fits your jewelry storage needs, you need to first take a look at the different types of jewelry boxes available. Not all boxes can handle the amount or type of jewelry you’re looking to store. So before you purchase that cool jewelry box with all those pretty designs and hidden drawers, you first need to make sure it’s the best fit for your jewelry collection.Jewelry Boxes for ChildrenCool jewelry boxes for children come in a variety of forms. Often they’re made of thinner wood and emblazoned with popular cartoon characters. Others are made of more luxurious woods yet have a simple design. Some even have music boxes built right in.
The solution to getting a cool jewelry box for a child is to know what the child likes. If she’s into music, a musical jewelry box will be a better choice over one that has a cartoon character theme. In any case, there are a number of cool jewelry boxes for children to choose from. It all comes down to what the child considers “cool”.Jewelry Boxes for WomenWomen have a number of different types of jewelry boxes to choose from. Jewelry boxes are often crafted in luxurious woods such as maple, oak, walnut, etc. A wood jewelry box gives your collection a solid foundation and protects your pieces from the elements. Some jewelry boxes even contain glass inlays and ornate carvings. Glass and even ceramic makes of jewelry boxes are also quite popular among women and provide their own grace and beauty. Some larger jewelry boxes have multiple swinging doors and compartments, and even finely carved legs. Many jewelry boxes are lockable to protect the precious jewels inside from theft or being lost. Women have many different styles to choose from when selecting a jewelry box. However, it’s very important to match your jewelry collection with a box that will display and protect your pieces appropriately.