Social Media Marketing Plan: 12 Ways to Re-Define Your USP

12 ways to re-define your USP and create new sales opportunities

What can you come up with when you run through this wee checklist for your own area of expertise. How many new niches or “new opportunities” for what you offer, can you create?

I ran 5 people through this, who each came up with some ideas for improving their existing offerings. Be interested to see how you get on.

1. Have you/Can you adapt an existing idea in your industry to your business, product or service?

2. What can you add to your core business proposition, product or service that someone else hasn’t done so, yet?

3. What can you combine using elements from other products or services to make yours unique?

4. Do you offer an easier way of doing something, or make it easier for your prospects to buy from you than your competition?

5. What negative attribute do you or have you eliminated or removed to create your solution? What inconvenience do your competitors create that you don’t?

6. How have you increased the longevity of your product/service? Does the positive experience last longer than that of your competitors?

7. Is your solution portable or mobile? Do you go to your clients, or do they go to you? (Think hairdressers, or car valeters)

8. Is your solution safer than your competitors? Can you find or create a niche with regards to the safety aspect of what you offer?

9. Can you coin a new phrase? For example for one of my products – The idea Generation MBA, I came up with a phrase; “PCT is the new NLP” Can you create a new term or phrase, or dominate it your niche online so people find you?

10. What about efficiency or speed of completion? With consumers becoming much more demanding and supply chains and response times getting shorter, what do you do that’s quicker than your competitors?

11. How can you reverse what your competitors do (or not do) to get an edge or carve a niche for your business. Think of the local Garage that works all night so people’s cars don’t have to be off the road. What does your competitors do, or not do that you could reverse?

12. What about those sh**ty jobs that people hate to do? Think of the call out charges of someone about to unblock a toilet or a drain. The more disgusting or irritating the job, the more the likelihood that the fee to be paid will go up.

Now without mentioning the words, “Service”, “Reliability”, “Quality” or “Price”, what makes you different from your competitors in the niche that you operate?

Hope the above helps…